Misting is a very versatile

Misting is a very versatile and cost effective way to greatly increase your outdoor comfort.’. When the weather people say it is 80 degrees outside - this is in the shade! In the sun it may be 10-15 degrees higher. On blacktop, add another 10 degrees. When the weather people says its 100 degrees WATCH OUT.

Misters will cool up to 30°


Easy to move
Easy to use

Portable mister

Permanent Kits

Great for patios and indoor areas
Permanent patio Kits


Ceiling Fan can be used in place of a typical ceiling fan or mounted from any overhead structure.

Freestanding is fun for athletic areas, walkways and more.

ceiling fans

Freestanding misters 

Misting Kits

1. 110V kit
2. 12v kit
3. No pump kit
Misting kits


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Mister Videos

"Your cooling station was a great hit
at our summer festival!"

Phil, Earle Baum Center for the Blind

"Your cooling station was a life saver."
Lisa, Traditional Medicinals

Tina, Gravenstein Apple Fair


Buy a Mister Fog 100 volt kit and put your company name on the canopy awning. Donate the use of the Cooling Station to local events and get some GREAT advertising and help your community