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Mister Fog Permanent Kit


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Mister fog 1000 permanent kit

Mister Fog 1000

$ 1111.96
160 psi

Includes 3 professional kits, filter, and cleaner.

The Professional Outdoor Mist Cooling System will reduce outdoor temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It assembles in just minutes with ultra-durable brass slip-lok fittings that rotate 360 degrees to direct the mist anywhere you want. This high-quality flexible system can be expanded up to 125 Ft. and allows enhanced performance with the addition of a booster pump.

* Great for cooling your outdoor living areas
* 10 Ft. of mist cooling coverage
* Expands up to 125 Ft.
* Slip-Lok fitting rotates 360 degrees
* Attaches to any standard garden hose
* Enhance system performance with a booster pump

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