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Freestanding Pedestal

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Freestanding patio fan

Fogco Pedestal Fan

# FOG93900 for 110V
# FOG93920 for 220V

$ 901.20

This fan is the latest innovation in climate control from Fogco. It is designed to provide improved evaporative cooling and humidification. The system is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications. This product was developed to provide a means of producing better coverage and more effective distribution of the fog. By integrating a focused air stream directly into the fog, the water droplets cover more area and are able to cool or humidify up to 5 times the amount of air compared to a static line system.

The pedestal fan includes a outdoor rated fan, powder coated enclosure, and stainless steel fog ring. It includes a dual hertz (50Hz/60Hz) motor and is available in 115V or 230V. The Revolution fan provides 2100 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of air flow. Call for details and assistance. (707) 527-0125.

Revolution pedestal fan

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